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    2009 ITSM and IT Financial Management (ITFM) Industry Survey  

Survey By: Lontra in association with ITFMA
Survey Conducted During: February - March 2009
Results Presented: April 1, 2009

"2009 ITSM and IT Financial Management Industry Survey"

This survey, conducted by Lontra in association with the IT Financial Management Association (ITFMA), was designed to elicit the prevailing trends and attitudes among ITSM and ITFM professionals. More than two thirds of the respondents (69%) were at the manager level and above, with 15% at the CxO/VP level.

Lontra President Boris Pevzner presented the results on April 1, 2009 at the ITFMA's annual conference in Atlanta, and now we are making them available to all our customers. Some of the key highlights from this survey are featured on Boris's popular blog -- "The Boris Files - Secrets of Successful CIOs".

The survey yielded some very interesting results, not the least of them illustrated in the graph below. We used an array of 33 questions to measure each respondent's assessment of the ITSM/ITFM maturity of their IT organization, and a set of 14 questions to measure their assessment of their IT organization's success. The graph below shows that ITSM/ITFM maturity is indeed highly correlated with success -- something Lontra has been preaching for years!

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