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Lontra Vision
    Transforming the Relationship between IT and its Customers  
  The days of Information Technology being viewed as strictly a cost center are over. Today's global organizations demand that IT provide strategic resources that will help them advance the way they do business. As the magnitude and complexity of these demands grow, transparency in what IT offers and how much it costs is integral to future success.

With the evolution of ITIL® into a strategic, customer-centric set of best practices for running the business of IT, industry experts are guiding IT organizations to not only define their IT services in a Service Portfolio, but to also apply IT Financial Management and Demand Planning best practices to improve governance and decision making in Service Delivery.

At Lontra, we are committed to providing our customers with the education, consulting, and best practices that they need to develop comprehensive, manageable Service Portfolios that advance both IT and organizational objectives. We are the Service Portfolio and IT Financial Management experts.

    Consulting Offerings  
  IT Service Management Consulting
Lontra's team of industry experts has defined and modeled customer-centric services, and developed service portfolios for some of the world's largest IT organizations. We bring to the table a wealth of knowledge, best practice templates (link), customer examples and service libraries, and can help your organization meet its IT Service Management goals.

IT Financial Management Consulting
Lontra's award-winning consultants have extensive expertise in shifting large Global 1000 enterprises from traditional GL line items to consumption-based service costing, and experience in establishing baseline unit costs for IT services. We can help your organization achieve full transparency around its IT offerings and their unit costs.

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    The Secrets of Successful CIOs  
  Join Lontra Founder & CEO, Boris Pevzner, as he gives tips and tricks for surviving the IT jungle, fills you in on what he's hearing in the market, and introduces you to new concepts and best practices.

Boris is a frequent speaker at technology conferences on IT transformation, ITIL, and service-oriented IT delivery. His CIO blog provides thought-leading advice and opinion based on his experiences in developing service-oriented IT delivery concepts and methodologies over the last 10 years.

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