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Lontra SUCSESS™ Best Practice Templates
   Comprehensive Template List  
  With Lontra SUCSESS™, you are not going to be starting from scratch. Lontra brings to bear at every engagement not just the experience of its consulting staff, but also a set of best-practice templates. Through this codified knowledge, we ensure that you avoid the common and costly pitfalls.

The following templates are part of every Lontra SUCSESS™ engagement:

  • SUCSESS™ Project Templates
    • SUCSESS™ Methodology Overview
    • Preparation Checklist
    • Project Plan and Implementation Roadmap
    • Service-Based Costing Implementation Roadmap
  • Service Catalog Templates
    • Service Catalog Taxonomy - industry standard hierarchical service catalog spanning technical and business services
    • Service Level Requirements Worksheet - questions to ask stakeholders to determine their service requirements
    • Service Specification Templates - detailed best practice description of what goes into specifying a service
      • Service Specification Examples - fully fleshed out technical and business service specifications
      • SLA Template and Examples - SLA specifications based on the SLR worksheet
      • Service Options Examples - differentiated service choices at different SLAs
    • Operational Level Agreement Template and Examples - OLA template detailing activities and tasks associated with each group within IT
    • Service Catalog Template and Example - fully fleshed out service catalog
  • IT Financial Management Templates
    • Service Unit Cost Model Framework - templates, worksheets, and examples for GL-to-service mapping
    • Service Cost Allocation Model - templates, worksheets, and examples for accurately allocating service costs to consumers
    • Service-Based Invoicing Templates - templates and examples for invoicing, from "shadow invoice" to "invoice of record"
    • ITFM Report Templates - templates for useful reports derived from the cost transparency made possible by this approach
  • Rollout and Maintenance Templates
    • Communication and Rollout Tools - best practices for rolling out your costing model and communicating effectively with your customers
    • Service Catalog Maintenance Best Practices - tips for maintaining your service catalog, including key participants and their roles
    • Software Tools gap analysis - advice for leveraging existing technologies or purchasing new tools in support of a SUCSESS™ methodology effort
    Lontra SUCSESS™ Benefits  
  Once you have a fully developed service hierarchy and cost model, service costs become transparent to business customers, which translates into an extremely powerful tool in your IT organization's cost-cutting effort. Here are just a few of the things that you can do using this framework:
  • Determine which services are driving up your IT costs, and do something about them. You can benchmark your unit costs against industry data to see if they measure up, and then focus your efforts on the services that lag behind industry standards.
  • Determine which business units consume more than their fair share of IT resources, and take measures to control their demand.
  • Influence customer behavior by driving them toward the most cost-effective solutions. This can be done by providing flexible service choices and different SLAs at different price points.
    SUCSESS™ Implementation and Best Practices  
  Lontra SUCSESS™ is typically implemented in a series of incremental steps. Lontra is offering a wide array of workshops and consulting engagements to help customers with various critical components of this overall project, such as service portfolio creation, service unit cost model development, or implementation of a demand-driven planning and budgeting process.

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