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Service Costing Best Practices Toolkit

Format: Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint); Adobe PDF
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Solve the service costing riddle and start on the road to
service-based cost transparency!
This unique kit features some of the best-practices methodologies used by Lontra consultants during customer engagements. The documents included here have been refined and perfected over years of experience. These are not theoretical papers out of touch with the realities faced by IT executives. They are practical documents that IT can put to immediate use to achieve cost transparency and cut spend. This toolkit includes everything you need to kick off a service-based costing initiative at your IT organization.
"I've been following your blog and webinars for the last four years, and your opinions and methodologies have assisted me in evolving Service Management at my company. I am glad that some of these documents are now available to the rest of the ITSM community." Director of IT Service Management, a Fortune 500 retailer
Lontra's Service Costing Best Practices Toolkits are the only products of its kind on the market. They provide a comprehensive start-to-finish methodology for service-based costing and IT financial management - along with real-world examples and "tricks of the trade" that you will not find anywhere else.
Included Documents
Service Costing Introduction presentation (PPT): An introductory presentation that includes information on all aspects of running IT like a business, including service catalog design, service costing methodology, pricing strategies, and business scenario planning.
Service Costing Implementation Roadmap presentation (PPT): This presentation zeroes in on our recommendations for service costing implementation. It will help you design the service costing implementation plan that is right for your organization.
Lontra SUCSESS™ Methodology and Roadmap document (PDF): A document providing a detailed description of each step in our recommended Service Costing Roadmap, and aligning it with our innovative Lontra SUCSESS™ Methodology.
White Paper: Service Based Costing (PDF): A white paper describing the reasons for and benefits of service based costing, and how it ties into the overall structure of IT.
White Paper: Best Practices in IT Costing and Chargeback Solutions (PDF): A white paper describing some of the service costing and chargeback best practices that we have learned over the years.
Service Cost Model Spreadsheets (XLS): the master Excel model template that we use for our service cost model. It includes:
  • 5 Costing Worksheets - A series of 5 worksheets through which the costing data flows. These comprise the core of the cost model.
  • Service_update macro - An Excel macro that automatically recalculates the model after you enter new data.
  • Sample Invoice - A sample invoice template you might send to one of your business customers.
  • Unit Cost Report - A report template summarizing the unit costs of all your services.
Service Cost Model Explanation Document (PDF): This document explains in detail key service-based costing concepts and goes over Lontra's service cost model. After reading this document, you will be an expert in using our cost model.
IT Financial Management Maturity Assessment (XLS): A template to help you determine where you are on the ITFM maturity ladder, and what you need to do to climb higher.
Business Justification (PPT): A presentation explaining the business reasons for implementing service-based costing, including an overview of IT Financial Management drivers and benefits. You can use these documents to make a case for service-based costing with your upper management.
Chargeback and Cost Recovery Policies (PPT): Suggestions and best practices for policies regarding service pricing and cost recovery.
Integrated Service Costing Example (XLS): A detailed example putting our service cost model to use. This example includes:
  • A filled out version of our 5 Costing Worksheets, including sample GL items, departments, activities, consumption drivers, etc.
  • Two fully costed customer-facing IT services, including multiple supporting services.
  • A Unit Cost Report with unit costs for all the customer-facing and supporting services in the model.
  • A Sample Invoice using the data in this model and applying it to create an invoice for a single customer.
Service Costing Best Practices Toolkit

Service Costing Toolkit

Service Costing Toolkit

Service Costing Toolkit Contents

This set of actionable documents includes everything you will need in your service costing endeavor - a description of our unique service costing methodology, a detailed cost model template and explanation, and Excel spreadsheets to help you crunch through the data. The Toolkit includes two fully costed, fully explained service examples, business justifications, chargeback policies, and more. This toolkit clearly shows how you can use sound IT Financial Management to slash costs, and guides you through the process of doing so. The service examples are an invaluable tool in your service costing endeavor, demonstrating how our multidimensional costing model can be used, and what the results will look like.

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Customers Testimonials

"I have always believed that Lontra's IT service portfolio and service costing methodology is more comprehensive and actionable than anyone else's. That's why I have been taking advantage of Lontra's expertise for the past three years."
CIO, a Fortune 500 financial service company
"I've been following your blog and webinars for the last four years, and your opinions and methodologies have assisted me in evolving Service Management at my company. I am glad that some of these documents are now available to the rest of the ITSM community."
Director of IT Service Management,
a Fortune 500 retailer
"The service costing task seemed daunting before Lontra came in with their template-driven approach and showed us how to tackle it. Using their templates and methodology, we were then able to complete the job ourselves, with Lontra's guidance."
IT Financial Management Director,
a Fortune 500 manufacturing company