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Online Workshop: Slashing IT Spend with Service-Based Costing and Demand Management

Workshop: Slashing IT Spend with Service-Based Costing and Demand Mgmt
Length: 4 hours
Format: Interactive presentation, hands-on modeling exercises
Delivery Method: Live interactive web conference
Materials: Service Costing Toolkit
Price: $749
Valuable materials included! For just $749, this workshop includes:
  • The Service Costing Best Practices Toolkit
  • 4 hours of hands-on interactive instruction from an IT Financial Management expert
  • NEW! Now get an optional 30-minute one-on-one consultation with your workshop instructor
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At only $749, this workshop is a must for any IT organization serious about achieving cost transparency and slashing spend. Service portfolio-based IT Financial Management is fast becoming an essential component of any IT organization. In the current down economy, where cost cutting is the mantra of the day, IT cannot afford not knowing how much its services cost! But how do we get to this holy grail of cost transparency? That is a refrain we have heard repeated over and over again in recent months, and that is the reason we are offering this workshop.

What You Will Learn

This workshop is designed to give you practical advice and hands-on experience in costing IT services, and to equip you with the tools to spearhead your organization's service costing effort. Over the years, Lontra consultants have developed a series of best practices and methodologies for performing service-based costing. We will share this knowledge with you, and guide you through the process of costing a service of your choosing, routing costs from General Ledger cost centers, on through internal IT departments and activities, into supporting and customer-facing services, and finally to the customer, where we will use customer demand to compute unit cost. See the workshop outline below for more details.

Who Should Come

While this workshop will be useful to any organization interested in implementing ITIL v3 strategies, it will be particularly helpful for IT organizations that have already developed some version of a service catalog or service portfolio, and are looking to make it more strategic by adding accurate unit cost information. Within such organizations, this workshop will be of particular interest to:
  • IT Executives and Senior IT Managers
  • IT Financial Managers
  • IT Accounting personnel
  • IT Budgeting specialists
  • ITSM Process/Function Owners
  • Other personnel with key roles in IT finance
Service Unit Cost Model

Workshop Outline

Below is the outline of this workshop. The instructor may choose not follow this outline precisely, but will cover all the topics listed. We also usually include two 5-10 minute breaks at various points during the workshop.
  1. Introduction
    Interactive overview of the participants' specific business situations; overview of the workshop agenda and goals.
  2. Why Service Costing?
    Why are we doing this, anyway? We will go over why service-based costing is the foundation of running an IT organization like "a business within a business," and what is driving IT organizations to adopt it.
  3. Service Portfolio Creation: A Brief Overview
    Before you can do service-based costing, you have to have well-defined services! We will briefly go over the best practices for service portfolio creation. A few service portfolio examples will be provided, incorporating the participants' specific requirements as much as possible.
  4. The Service Cost Model
    This is what you came here for - we introduce and explain Lontra's Service cost model and costing methodology.
  5. Hands-On Example: Costing A Service
    Sure, it all makes sense on paper, but how do you actually do it? We will walk you through a detailed service costing example or two that put together all the pieces we talked about earlier to cost specific services chosen by one of you - our attendees!
  6. Cost Modeling Tips and Advice
    We don't call ourselves IT Financial Management experts for nothing! We will share with you a portion of the service costing best practices and wisdom that we have accumulated over the course of many customer engagements.
  7. What Now?
    So you've got unit costs for all your services. What do you do with them? We will go over the many benefits of service-based costing, including how it can save you money and help you run IT more efficiently.
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Service Costing Best Practices Toolkit

Service Costing Online Workshop

Online Workshop: Service Costing

Learn From Your Peers

The workshop's interactive structure will allow you to learn from the experiences of other workshop participants. You will hear fresh perspectives from your peers, learn how they have dealt with the service design issues facing you today, and hear our expert opinion on how these issues should be solved. What are others like me doing? Are they having the same challenges as me? What are the best practices for overcoming these challenges? All these questions will be answered at our workshop.

Customize Your Workshop!

Do you have a specific service that you want to see costed? For each workshop we will pick one or two services suggested by our attendees, and use them as hands-on costing examples! Register early to increase the chances of your service being selected! Please email suggestions to

Receive Valuable Materials

As part of your workshop purchase, you will receive the complete Service Costing Best Practices Toolkit, which includes some of the worksheets, templates, and best-practice methodologies used by Lontra consultants in the field.

Register Today!

Register for one of our workshops today, and revitalize your organization's spend management effort. Our instructor has been a leading thinker in ITSM and IT Financial Management for many years, and our cost model reflects the latest thinking in the industry. If you are truly serious about service costing, this could be the best investment you make all year!
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Customers Testimonials

"I have always believed that Lontra's IT service portfolio and service costing methodology is more comprehensive and actionable than anyone else's. That's why I have been taking advantage of Lontra's expertise for the past three years."
CIO, a Fortune 500 financial service company
"I've been following your blog and webinars for the last four years, and your opinions and methodologies have assisted me in evolving Service Management at my company. I am glad that some of these documents are now available to the rest of the ITSM community."
Director of IT Service Management,
a Fortune 500 retailer
"The service costing task seemed daunting before Lontra came in with their template-driven approach and showed us how to tackle it. Using their templates and methodology, we were then able to complete the job ourselves, with Lontra's guidance."
IT Financial Management Director,
a Fortune 500 manufacturing company