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10-Hour Online Course: Running IT Like A Business

Length: 10+ hours
Two comprehensive toolkits of best practice materials
Course completion certificate worth 1.0 CEUs
One-on-one consultation with an expert
Format: Interactive presentation, hands-on modeling exercises
Delivery Method: Live interactive web conference (GoToMeeting)
Price: $1498
Receive 1.0 CEUs for completing this course!
Looking to get a comprehensive, in-depth overview of service-centric IT management while satisfying your organization's continuing education requirements? Look no further! This course will give you 10+ hours of instruction in service catalog design, service costing, demand management, and other IT management concepts; throw in two comprehensive toolkits of best practices materials; and at the end of it all, give you a course completion certificate worth 1.0 CEUs!

For just $1498, this course includes:
  • The Service Catalog Design Workshop and Toolkit (a $749 value)
  • The Service Costing Workshop and Toolkit (a $749 value)
  • 2 additional hours of instruction, covering case studies and going over questions
  • An optional 1-hour one-on-one consultation with your workshop instructor
  • A course completion certificate worth 1.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
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What You Will Learn

"Running IT Like A Business" -- it is a popular concept today, and you have probably heard what it can do for you: cut costs, streamline IT operations, align IT with your business customers, and increase customer satisfaction. This course explores how you might go about transforming your organization's management paradigm to a more "businesslike" approach. We will focus on:
  • defining the products and services offered by your IT organization;
  • constructing a hierarchical Service Portfolio taxonomy;
  • creating a robust and repeatable cost model for your IT services;
  • computing unit costs and achieving cost transparency;
  • implementing IT chargeback or "showback";
  • implementing demand-driven budgeting and planning disciplines;
We will also go over some detailed case studies of organizations that have adopted the "running IT like a business" approach.

Who Should Come

This course will be useful to anyone interested in running their IT organization like a business, and realizing all the benefits that come with this paradigm shift. What we describe in this course is really what we think is the right way to run IT, and the topics covered here will be useful to anyone involved in IT management.

Course Outline

Below is a rough outline of this course. For a more detailed outline of the Service Catalog Workshop and Service Costing Workshop components of the course, please see the individual workshop description pages. Note that the instructor may choose not to follow this outline precisely, but will cover all the topics listed. We also usually include two or three 5-minute breaks at various points during each workshop, based on participant preferences.
  1. Service Catalog Design Workshop
    This workshop is an information-packed 4-hour interactive online session designed to answer all your service portfolio design questions. It will give you the tools and knowledge necessary to build a robust, ITIL-compliant, business-process-aligned service portfolio from scratch, or improve on your organization's existing service portfolio. Along with this workshop, you will receive all the materials contained in our Service Catalog Design Toolkit.
  2. Case Study
    Lontra consultants have helped a number of organizations construct Service Portfolios, cost their services, implement demand management practices, and start running IT like a business. We will give a detailed overview of one such case study, including obstacles encountered, interesting details of implementation, and benefits realized.
  3. Service Costing Workshop
    This 4-hour interactive online workshop is designed to give you practical advice and hands-on experience in costing IT services, equip you with the tools and knowledge to spearhead your organization's IT service costing effort, and introduce key demand management concepts. The workshop includes a hands-on service costing example, where we show how to use our multi-dimensional cost model to route costs from General Ledger cost centers to unit costs for a specific service offering. This workshop comes packaged with all the materials in our Service Costing Toolkit.
  4. Tying It All Together
    We briefly go over another case study of an organization that really took a lot of the concepts we advocate to heart and is now well on its way to running IT like a business. We will conclude the course by really tying together all the concepts that we covered into a cohesive, holistic methodology for transitioning your organization to running IT like a customer-centric business.
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Service Costing Best Practices Toolkit

Running IT Like A Business Course

Running IT Like A Business Course

Learn From Your Peers

The course's interactive structure will allow you to learn from the experiences of other course participants. You will hear fresh perspectives from your peers, learn how they have dealt with the service design issues facing you today, and hear our expert opinion on how these issues should be solved. What are others like me doing? Are they having the same challenges as me? What are the best practices for overcoming these challenges? All these questions will be answered during this course.

Receive Valuable Materials

As part of your course purchase, you will receive both the Service Catalog Design Best Practices Toolkit and the Service Costing Best Practices Toolkit, which includes some of the worksheets, templates, and best-practice methodologies used by Lontra consultants in the field.

Register Today!

Register for this course today, and revitalize your organization's ITSM initiative. Our instructor has been a leading thinker in ITSM and IT Financial Management for many years, and our models and methodologies reflect the latest thinking in the industry. If you are truly serious about running IT like a business, this course is a must!
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Customers Testimonials

"I have always believed that Lontra's IT service portfolio and service costing methodology is more comprehensive and actionable than anyone else's. That's why I have been taking advantage of Lontra's expertise for the past three years."
CIO, a Fortune 500 financial service company
"I've been following your blog and webinars for the last four years, and your opinions and methodologies have assisted me in evolving Service Management at my company. I am glad that some of these documents are now available to the rest of the ITSM community."
Director of IT Service Management,
a Fortune 500 retailer
"The service costing task seemed daunting before Lontra came in with their template-driven approach and showed us how to tackle it. Using their templates and methodology, we were then able to complete the job ourselves, with Lontra's guidance."
IT Financial Management Director,
a Fortune 500 manufacturing company